Fresh air and new ideas and the Green Solution House

Start your meeting with steam and mist at the Griffen Spa Hotel

Direct airline-connections from Copenhagen, Billund and Ålborg

Away from the daily routine and in to the igloo
The best ideas come to life when you are freed from the daily routines and are able to think new thoughts freely.

When was the last time that you had a meeting in a green igloo? Try the green igloo at Hotel GSH, and you will understand how alternative conference rooms help you come up with better ideas.

Hotel GSH also have a lot of other exciting conference rooms, suitable for groups from 2 to 400 people. The conference rooms have special carpets, curtains and plants that clean the air and provide higher oxygen levels, to ensure that you and your colleagues maintain a high level of concentration - all day. 

Hotel GSH has windows that have been specially developed by Velux to create the most possible daylight in the rooms. Research shows that more daylight equals more wellbeing - and therefore, more positive energy to your meeting.

Meetings with sea view? Or in a spa with steam?
At Griffen Spa Hotel, the conference rooms have fantastic sea views - and the spa area also has a wonderful view of the sea. How about starting your meeting in the sauna, to kick start your cardiovascular system with steam and mist - and an ice-cold shower afterwards?

After a communal ice-bath - the "ice" will literally be broken between the conference participants - and your meeting will have a free, fun and positive dialogue.

Traditional is not just traditional
You are also very welcome to hold a traditional meeting at one of our locations... but be aware that the meeting will never be completely traditional. Prepare to be spoiled with excellent service and special treats during your stay. - And the wonderful locations that our three hotels occupy will secure that the meeting is not just another meeting... but a meeting with a great yield.

Book an extra night and get more out of the meeting
Whether you are a company located on Bornholm, or somewhere off the island, we will recommend to book an extra night in connection to the meeting. This will give you time to have a wonderful dining experience at one of the hotels and to talk about subjects that you do not talk about with your colleagues in your daily life. The conference participants will have better personal relations - and perform better as a team afterwards.

Sounds good... but how much does it cost?
Event Manager Cathrine Ingildsen has several years of experience with creating the best possible environment for your meetings - and at a reasonable price. Cathrine will help you put together your programme for the meetings and book tickets for the plane or ferry. Call Cathrine on +45 56 95 19 13 or e-mail her at, and she will put together an attractive offer for you.


Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen.
Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen.
0045 56 95 19 13