De bedste ideer kommer til verden, når I bliver taget ud af hverdagens rutiner. Nye rammer og nye input giver grobund til nye ideer. Bornholm er tæt på, men alligevel langt væk. Med flyet kommer I fra København til Bornholm på 35 minutter, men jeres tanker kommer på langfart. 

Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen
Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen
0045 56 95 19 13

New ideas at the Green Solution House

Go for a walk. Take a look at the ocean. Get new inspiration.

Chef Kasper Beyer will serve you a delicious meal.

GSH Meetings
The best ideas see the light when you are taken out of the routines of your everyday life. New frames and new inputs give fertile soil for new ideas. Bornholm is close and yet far away. You arrive from Copenhagen with an airplane in 35 minutes, but your thoughts will fly on a long voyage.

Want to arrange better meetings?
You probably experienced the air turning heavy in a meeting room. The concentration is falling – and your meeting is not effective. In the Hotel GSH it is different. Carpets and plants clean the air for specks of dust. The renewal of the air is silent, but extremely effective. It gives more oxygen to your brains, so that you and your meeting participants can keep concentration all through the meeting.

More daylight
The windows in the Hotel GSH are specially improved by Velux to create maximum daylight in the rooms. Daylight is making people feel more happy and sympathetic. Therefore you will get more positive energy into your meetings at the Hotel GSH than in other places.

Effective technology
The Hotel GSH has one of the most modern meeting and conference facilities in Scandinavia. Light and sound work optimally. You will not have to think about difficult sockets and cables.
Everything works simple and easily – and your contact is always nearby, so that you can get help to anything by demand.

Green meetings
The Hotel GSH is extremely green and sustainable – among others that is why the hotel 2016 got the environment price of the EU. When you hold your meeting in the Hotel GSH, you are telling your customers, colleges and partners that you are a firm of today thinking about the environment.

Delicious food
Together with you we arrange the food that you wish throughout the meeting. Coffee, fruit, cakes or? For lunch and dinner the Chef prepares delicious food for you.

Lovely surroundings
The Hotel GSH is sited near wood and beach. Send your meeting participants in a walk-and-talk to the beach. Dip your toes into the warm sand. Look over the sea. Get new inspiration. – And if you wish, we have a wide network of partners who offer a wealth of exciting team building exercises.

Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen
Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen
0045 56 95 19 13