The best ideas are often born from removing yourself from the routines of every day life.
New surroundings and new input is the growing field of new ideas. Bornholm is close by, yet far away. By aeroplane, you will go from Copenhagen to Bornholm in just 35 minutes.

Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen.
Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen.
0045 56 95 19 13

Get new ideas at Green Solution House

Crown Prince Frederik has also enjoyed his time at Green Solution House

Take a walk to the beach following your meeting

End your meeting with a glass of bubbly on the terrace

Better oxygen
You have probably experienced the air turn heavy in a meeting room. The concentration levels drop – and your meeting is less effective. In Hotel GSH, things are different. Carpets, curtains and plants clean the air from dust particles. The air renewal is silent, but extremely effective. It provides more oxygen to the brain, so that you and your party can maintain concentration throughout the meeting.

More daylight
The windows in Hotel GSH are specially developed by Velux to allow maximum daylight in the rooms. Daylight improves happiness and ensures a more positive outlook. Therefore, at Hotel GSH, you will get more positive energy in your meetings, than anywhere else.

Effective technology
The Hotel GSH has some of the most modern meeting and conference facilities in Scandinavia. Lighting and sound work optimally. You will not have to worry about difficult sockets and cables. 
Everything works simply and easily – and your contact is always nearby, if you need any help, or if you have questions.

Green meetings
Hotel GSH is extremely green and sustainable – this, among other things, is why the hotel in 2016 won the European Business Award for the Environment. When you host your meeting at Hotel GSH, you show your customers, colleagues, and partners that your business is forward thinking, and cares about the environment.

Delicious food
Together with you, we arrange for provisions throughout your meeting. Coffee, fruit, cakes or? For lunch and dinner, we will serve delicious food as per your request.

Lovely surroundings
Hotel GSH is situated near woods and beach. Send your party on a walk-and-talk to the beach. Dip your toes into the sand. Look across the sea. Find new inspiration. – If you wish, we have a wide network of partners, who offer a wealth of exciting team building exercises.

Cathrine is here to help you
Call our Event Manager Cathrine Ingildsen on (+45) 56 95 19 13, and she will help create the most optimal setting for your meeting. You are also welcome to send us an email at

Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen.
Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen.
0045 56 95 19 13