Receptionist Charlotte Villaume
Receptionist Charlotte Villaume
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Enjoy a glass of bubbly in the hotel park

Green Solution House is located on Strandvejen i Rønne

The "secret" beach in front of Green Solution House

Restaurant with focus on organic and local produce

Green walls of fern help clean the air at Green Solution House

The entrance at Green Solution House

Double room at Green Solution House

Are you environmentally conscious...?
...then you should consider staying at Hotel GSH - Green Solution House. Here, you will be welcomed by a world of innovative green solutions with great benefits to nature and the environment. Not only the green solutions will ensure that you have a wonderful holiday; you will also be able to look forward to:

A - The delicious food – fit for a Queen
When Queen Margrethe last visited Bornholm, she chose to have dinner at Hotel GSH. The Queen is not the only one, who is a fan of the delicious food at Hotel GSH. In 2016, the Danish lifestyle magazine "Gastro" wrote the following about Hotel GSH: "The aesthetic and tasteful are two great contributors to the success of Hotel GSH. Green Solution House has seriously entered Bornholm’s Hall of Fame of fantastic restaurants.”

B - The beautiful location
Hotel GSH is wonderfully situated on Strandvejen in Rønne - between the town, the woods, and the beach. After a delicious dinner in the restaurant, take your loved one by the hand and take a walk along the wooded paths to the nearby beach. Feel the sand under your feet. Enjoy the sunset. The beach by Hotel GSH is almost exclusively known to the local islanders, so you can enjoy a quiet and cosy beach. The large park around Hotel GSH provides a wonderful atmosphere, and at night, you will often be met with deer and hares, this will truly put a smile on your face.

C - The large and comfortable rooms
Large and well-furnished rooms will welcome you. Even though the hotel is very new, and inaugurated in 2015, don’t expect everything to be brand new. In line with the hotel’s environmental commitments, it is far more sustainable to re-cover old Danish design classics with new organic material, than to purchase new furniture from China. 

Frederik, the Crown Prince, and the green solutions
Even if you do not have any technical interest, you cannot help but be impressed by the green solutions employed by Hotel GSH. Solar power cells provide the hotel with electricity. Plants, carpets and curtains clean the air, to ensure that you will get a good night’s sleep. The windows maximize the influx of light, which improves overall happiness. Algae cleans the sewage water. The waste from the kitchen is converted to mulch, to be used in the hotel’s vegetable garden. Deer, hares and rabbits visit the park around the hotel. Flowers and plants are meticulously selected to create the optimal biodiversity. The noisy and petrol guzzling lawn mower has been replaced by sheep. Bees take care of the pollination, as well as the honey at breakfast. Crown Price Frederik was so impressed by the hotel that he took part in the inauguration in 2015. 

Parking and chargers for electric cars 
Of course, you can park free of charge in the hotel carpark. If you drive an electric car, you have the option to plug into the hotel’s chargers.

Booking and Information
You can book your stay by typing in your preferred arrival date in the box at the top of this site. You are also welcome to call us, any day of the week on (+45) 56 95 19 13. Alternatively, send an email at, and we will help you plan a wonderful holiday on Bornholm.