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Stop time – Enjoy life
No watches. No urgent emails. No ringing phones. A visit to the Bornholm Diamond Spa, at Griffin Spa Hotel, is like a visit to a different world. A world of relaxation, wellness and quiet.

Choose between saunas, ice-cold spa baths, warm spa baths, and salty spa baths. All of them designed to give your body relaxation and to improve your circulation. Entry to the Diamond Spa is free, when you stay at the Griffen Spa Hotel. Please bear in mind that the spa has an age limit, and that all guests must be over 16 years of age.

Opening hours

  For staying guests For everyone
Monday - Friday 7:00 - 10:00  15:00 - 21:00                
Saturday 7:00 - 11:00  11:30 - 20:00 
Sunday 7:00 - 11:00  11:30 - 20:00

Wellness treatments
You have the option of booking treatments in the hotel wellness department.
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If you are staying at Griffen Spa Hotel, you have a free entry to the spa. If you are not staying at Griffen Spa Hotel, you have the possibility to buy entry to the Spa for DKK 250.

Gift vouchers
Let your friends and acquaintances be spoiled with a gift voucher to the Bornholm Diamond Spa. Visit the hotel or send us an email at


The Wet Oven
”The wet oven” (Danish: Den Våde Ovn) is a rock cave on the northern coast of Bornholm, but in the Diamond Spa, the wet oven has been re-created as a fantastic sauna, where the steam is let out through small rocks. While the steam is rising, the light in the sauna slowly changes. At first, you experience the golden beams of the sunrise. Then, the light will intensify, until it mimics the sunset, and the light fades. The light therapy, combined with the hot steam, has a uniquely relaxing effect. 

The Dry Oven
Unlike the Wet Oven, which releases steam, you will experience dry heat in the “Dry Oven” (Danish: Den Tørre Ovn). Dry and strong heat, combined with aromas and sounds provide a great experience … especially when you conclude with an ice cold shower.

Cascades of water
Place yourself in front of the waterfall. Pull the rope, and let cascades of water splash down your back and the back of your head. Tensions in the back of your head and shoulders soften, when streams of warm water is poured over your neck and head. Continue to the spa bath, where the benches are carved like waves. Enjoy the stars in the ceiling. The subterranean geyser softly presses the water against your feet. The massage spreads all over your body. Feel the relaxation and the increased wellbeing.

Ice and hot steam
The human body is designed to withstand considerable fluctuations in temperature, from hard winter to tropical heat. In the Bornholm Diamond Spa, you will have the opportunity to experience both. When you move between hot steam and ice-cold water, your immune system is boosted, and your circulation improves. In the Kneipp pools, the water temperature ranges between 0 degrees Celsius and tropical heat. Try to massage the body with ice from the ice fountain. It is a truly wonderful experience.

The Fennoscandia border zone
In the middle of Bornholm lies the Fennoscandia border zone. Here, millions of years ago, the ice-polished, hard granite collided with the softer sandstone. The difference in age between the two types of rock is 1.2 billion years. In the rock sauna, in the Bornholm Diamond Spa, this border zone has been re-created. A line of tiles in the sauna floor provides the opportunity to stand with a foot in each age. A difference in time of 1.2 billion years brings a new and extra dimension to the sauna experience. 

The Rocking Stone
Bornholm is known for its rocking stones; big blocks of granite placed in a way that makes it possible to rock them with a single touch. In the Bornholm Diamond Spa, the Rocking Stone is a big granite disc that rocks during your massage. It is the only rocking massage bench in the world. We can highly recommend the experience… especially a hammam massage, with soap made from goat’s milk.

Salt lake bath
You do not have to visit the Red Sea to experience the great feeling of swimming in salt water. In the outdoor spa area, you can enjoy the Dueodde Salt Lake bath, where the water's saline level is 27%. Maybe you would like to enjoy a glass of champagne in the big Krystal Lake spa, while the sun slowly sets in the horizon?

The warm hands of Blåskinsdalen
Blåskinsdalen (“the valley of the blue shine”) is a “secret” valley on Bornholm. Once upon a time, the inhabitants of Bornholm all came to witness the magical beauty of the valley, but in later years, it was almost forgotten. If you would also like to experience the “magical beauty”, the Bornholm Diamond Spa welcomes you to our version of Blåskinsdalen. With stones, clay, wild herbs, and Bornholm massage oil, the balance in your body will be boosted. Try for example: Massage with hot herb leaves, hot stone massage, body wrapping in herbs and goat’s milk, body peeling, reflexology, facemask with red clay or kaolin from Bornholm, or hammam massage on the "Chicken Hen". The "Chicken Hen" is a huge glacial rock of granite that travelled to Bornholm from Sweden during the ice age. In the Bornholm Diamond Spa, the "Chicken Hen" is recreated as a cabin that uses heat radiation to melt fat from the body.

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