In the area

In the area

Erichsen's Gaard is located in the old part of Rønne

The old blacksmith's in Rønne

Nørrekås beach with the Griffen Spa Hotel in the background

The winding lanes of Rønne's old town

The Griffin Spa Hotel in Rønne - The Capital of Bornholm

The Griffen Spa Hotel is wonderfully situated by the sea, and close to the old part of Rønne. If you have chosen to stay in a room with sea view, you can watch the sailboats come in and out of Rønne Marina, almost right in front of your window.

If you feel like going for a swim, the small and charming sandy beach Nørrekås is just 300 meters away, along the beach promenade. 

Sightseeing in Rønne 
Ice cream cone in hand, you can take a walk along the narrow winding streets of Rønne's old town. Here you will find the most beautiful timber framed houses, bearing witness to a time, when Rønne was home to many wealthy ship owners. If you really want to turn back the clock, visit Erichsen's Gaard. Erichsen's Gaard is a living museum, where you can experience a “noble” home, as it appeared in the 1850s, when the house was often visited by Holger Drachmann, the poet and painter, and Kristian Zahrtmann, the painter.

Interesting shops and a wonderful atmosphere at the town square
Not far from Erichsen's Gaard, you will find Rønne's town square, with a wealth of interesting shops, cafes and a wonderful atmosphere. Take a seat in one of the cafes and enjoy the hum of life - or keep exploring Rønne, the capital of Bornholm. In the old part of Rønne, you will also find Rønne Theatre, of which parts were built as early as 1789, making Rønne Theatre the oldest theatre building in Denmark. Rønne Theatre puts on many interesting performances throughout the year. If you are in the mood for a different kind of cultural experience, Rønne's "Musikhuzet" opens its doors to concerts and stand-up shows almost every weekend. 

The second largest cruise ship port in Denmark
Back at the harbour there is a swarming life - especially on days when giant cruise ships berth, bringing visitors from all over the world to Bornholm. Rønne is the second largest cruise ship port in Denmark; the harbour is currently being expanded, so that even more cruise ships will be able to berth. By the harbour, you will also find the beautiful Saint Nicolas Church, which is definitely worth a visit, if you are interested in architecture.

From the harbour, you can turn back towards Griffen Spa Hotel, and you can skip the beach promenade, and walk back along the narrow winding lanes to the hotel.

Choose to stay in Rønne because..
Base your holiday in Rønne, if you want to live in the capital of Bornholm - close to all the things that will make your holiday special. The Griffin Spa Hotel has a perfect location in Rønne, and if you want to explore the other beautiful parts of Bornholm, it is easy to get from the hotel, and out onto the coastal road, where the roads to the rest of Bornholm originate. If you are travelling without a car, Griffin Spa Hotel is close to the bus stop, where every bus to and from the rest of Bornholm pass.

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