The Griffin Spa Hotel has both indoor and outdoor spa baths

Double room with sea view at the Griffen Spa Hotel

The Griffin Spa Hotel is close to Nørrekås Beach

The Griffin Spa Hotels welcomes you to an exclusive spa area

Enjoy one of the many wellness treatments available at the Griffin Spa Hotel

Enjoy a glass of bubbly on the terrace at the Griffin Spa Hotel

Relax in the spa at Griffen Spa Hotel

Double room at the Griffen Spa Hotel

An adventure is waiting for you
In the world of fairy tales, the fabulous gryphon guards the valuable treasures. For this reason, The Griffen Spa Hotel is an appropriate name for the lovely hotel in the front row to Rønne's Marina.

In 2017/2018, the hotel was completely renovated. The arrangement of the hotel has been designed by Pernille Bülow, who is also famous for her glass works and jewellery designs. Look forward to the attractive rooms, where you can choose between rooms with a view of Rønne's old town, and rooms with a fantastic sea view. There are rooms on the ground floor, the first floor, and second floor. The first and second floor are accessible by lift.

Let yourself be spoiled in the spa
As a guest at the Griffen Spa Hotel, you will enjoy free access to the Bornholm Diamond Spa, one of the most impressive spa areas in the North.

From the earliest of times, the human body was designed to withstand the hard winters as well as tropical heat. In the Diamond Spa you will have the opportunity to experience both. Moving between hot steam and ice-cold water will strengthen your immune system, and your circulation will improve immensely. In the Kneipp pools, the water temperature ranges between 0 degrees Celsius and tropical heat. Try to massage the body with ice from the ice fountain. You can also try the saunas – or maybe treat yourself to something a little extra, with a massage or wellness treatment available at the hotel. Please bear in mind that the spa has an age limit, and that all guests must be over 16 years of age.  

Some of Bornholm’s best chefs will be cooking for you
The head chef at the Griffen Spa Hotel, Claus Seest Dam, is a legend in the kitchens of Bornholm – and he has won many an award through the years. Many of the top chefs on Bornholm have been trained by Claus, but at Griffen Spa Hotel, you will have the honour of the Master himself. The menu at Griffin Spa Hotel contains classic dishes with meat and fish, and also offers vegetarian options - and of course, delicious desserts. Get comfortable in the hotel restaurant, and enjoy your meal. The restaurant at Griffen Spa Hotel enjoys sea views to the west, meaning that the sun will set in the horizon right in front of you, and cover the sky in the most beautiful hues of yellow, red, and purple. It is with good reason that the view from the restaurant has been named as one of the top 10 on Bornholm.

Perfectly situated by the sea and the town centre
The Griffen Spa Hotel is located by Rønne Marina – close to the old part of Rønne and to the town square, where you can experience the hum of town life. Just 200 meters from the hotel, you will find the small and charming beach, Nørrekås, where there are excellent conditions for swimming. There is no doubt that Griffen Spa Hotel is one of the hotels on Bornholm with the best location. At Griffen Spa Hotel you can look forward to a lovely holiday, in attractive rooms, in a beautiful hotel, with a great location, and excellent service.

Parking and chargers for electric cars 
Of course, you can park free of charge in the hotel carpark. If you drive an electric car, you have the option to plug into the hotel’s chargers.

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