The chefs at the Griffin Spa Hotel are ready to spoil you with delicious food

Choose from the menu - or compile your own menu, exactly to your tastes

Host your celebration with a sea view at the Griffin Spa Hotel in Rønne

Your child’s christening? Confirmation? Wedding?
The blue sea glimmers in the distance. The rooms are decorated exactly to your wishes. The guests are enjoying themselves. The food is delicious.

Feel the smile on your face… This is what a celebration is supposed to be.

At Griffen Spa Hotel you will get the most beautiful setting for your celebration – and together with the Event Manager, Cathrine Ingildsen, and the team of chefs at her back, you will create the menu, the layout of the rooms, and plan the events of the day. Cathrine has many years of experience with creating the best possible foundation for you to enjoy a wonderful celebration.

With Cathrine, your celebration is in safe hands