Terms and conditions for renting
We are looking forward to seeing you on Bornholm. However, unforeseen incidents may happen or changes in plans for the holidays. We need to agree about what is valid in such situations, and therefore we have made conditions for the renting as follows.

These conditions for renting are valid for renting bought through us:

1.0 Basis for the agreement
Our holiday trips are sold in agreement with “Loven om pakkerejser” (the Law of Package Holidays). Technical organizer of the trips is A/S Team Bornholm, member of “Rejsegarantifonden” (Air Travel Organizers' Licence). Party tours and special arrangements are not included in the present conditions for renting because such travels demand special agreements.

2.0 Payment
14 days after your order we ask you kindly to pay 25% of the amount as deposit - minimum DKK 700,-. We ask you to pay the rest of the amount 4 weeks before your arrival. If you have special wishes to the paying dates, we are flexible – you only have to contact us with your wishes.

Provided that you order your holidays 9-45 days before arrival, we ask you to pay the full renting amount 8 days after having received the confirmation from us – however at least 5 days before arrival.

By ordering 0-8 days before arrival, we agree on the pay day individually with you in connection with your order.

Notice that it is not possible to pay at the arrival to the hotel because all rents have to be paid before arrival. In that way, we reduce the risk to have booked rooms, where guests do not come as planned because they forgot to cancel the booking. In that way we save costs – and it contributes being able to offer you favourable staying prices.

3.0 Cancellation insurance, illness
When you order staying through us, you are freely covered by our cancellation insurance in “Europæiske Rejseforsikring A/S” (European Travel Insurance PLC). The insurance guarantee you not being bound by an ordered renting if you cannot travel because of one of the following reasons:
Death or serious illness by yourself or a closely related
Fire or burglary in your private home immediately before departure
Industrial action contrary to the agreement in your own company
We hope none of these incidents happens, but if the unlikely happens, it is convenient to have an insurance – and the insurance is free of charge.

4.0 Cancellation insurance, unemployment
Our free cancellation insurance is also valid if you or one of your fellow travellers, unfortunately, should be fired from their jobs in the period between the ordering of the holidays and the payday for the travel. We do not hope the unfortunates happen – but it is a security for you to know that you are not stuck with the bill if you have to cancel because of unemployment.

5.0 Cancellation
If you wish to cancel your travel – and the cancellation is not due to conditions included in the cancellation insurance mentioned in point 3.0 and point 4.0 – the following rules are valid:

At cancellation more than 14 days before arrival: You can cancel your travel without costs. If you have already paid your renting partly or totally, the amount will be refunded with a deduction administration of 10% of the amount paid with a minimum of D.Kr. 700,-
At cancellation later than 13 days before arrival: The whole amount must be paid.

6.0 Change of ferry tickets
Terms applying to the ferry before September 1st 2018: You are free to change your tickets until 30 days before arrival without extra cost for you. If you wish to change later, there will be and administrative fee of DKK 150,-.

From September 1st onwards: Pre-booked tickets can be changed once without a fee. Chananges hereafter is charged with a fee adjusted by the day of the week and the season.  

7.0 Complaint
When you have arrived at the hotel and you find flaws or defects at the hotel, we kindly ask you to contact the reception at the hotel within 24 hours after having found the flaws/defects so that it can be fixed as quick as possible.
At complaints later than 24 hours after having found flaws or defects at the hotel, you lose the right to compensation – but naturally we will still do our best to help you.
We stress on that quality as well as service at our hotel is always at the top. If you should feel the need to contact us about anything else, you should feel free to contact us.

8.0 Proviso
We will do our utmost to give you a good experience on Bornholm. However, accidents may happen which we cannot control and in these cases, we cannot take responsibility, as well as you will not be able to give us claim for compensation. These cases include:
* Strikes and lock-outs
* Delays/changes in schedules for shipping companies, airline companies or bus companies
* War
* Epidemic