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The Beach "Galløkken" close to Fredensborg Badehotel

Erichsens Gaard in Rønne

The military museum in Rønne

Occupied by the russians
By the Fredensborg Badehotel there is a lovely beach and the little forest Galløkken. Even though the beach is beautiful, you might try to follow the pathways leading to the center of Rønne – the capital of Bornholm. At the end of the pathway, you will find Kastellet, a building which during the 17th century formed a part of the defence of Rønne. Today it is a part of the exciting Defence Museum that among other things shows what happened to Bornholm during the Second World War. While the rest of Denmark was celebrating the Liberation in May 1945, the German Commandant on Bornholm refused to surrender the island to the Russians with the statement that he had been ordered only to surrender to the English forces. This resulted in a massive bombing of Rønne (and Nexø) by the Russians – and right after Bornholm was occupied by the Russian troops until April 1946. The Defence Museum also tells about the important role that Bornholm played during the following Cold War. Exciting spy and defecting stories wait for you!

Church, Theatre and “hyggelig” City Life
After the dramatic, but exciting experiences you might continue to Rønne Harbour. During the summer there is a swarming life down there – especially the days when giant cruises berth. From the harbor you turn up to the right to the Centre. Soon The Saint Nicklaus Church rise in front of you. A little further on you will pass the Rønne Theatre, the oldest still used theatre in Denmark. Might a play at the theatre tempt you tonight? Or you might want to continue to the Market at the city square and enjoy a cup of coffee and the “hyggelige” market life.

The old part of Rønne
Nearby the Market at the city square and the Centre you will find the old part of the town with its crooked lanes and charming small houses. Here are also old merchant’s houses from the 19th century dating back from a time, when Rønne was a place to live for many wealthy ship owners. Enjoy the beautiful houses in a relaxing visit through the idyllic lanes.

Visit Bornholms Museum
There are also plenty of museums to visit in Rønne. In Bornholm’s Museum you might experience the history of Bornholm through 10.000 years. Because of the location far from the rest of Denmark, Bornholm has had its own development. Bornholm had a convenient position for the sea routes in the Baltic Sea and therefore Bornholm developed an important trade center earlier. The trade caused life and considerable riches on Bornholm, but the riches also attracted (drew) less wanted guest – pirates.

Another exciting museum is Erichsens Gaard, an old merchant’s house, where time has been wound back to the 1850’ies. Here you will experience a “noble” home as it appeared at that time. Visit also Hjorths Factory, a working museum, where you will experience the proud ceramic tradition of Bornholm.

A good starting point
The Fredensborg Badehotel is perfectly located in Rønne. You are close to the wood, to the beach and then again close to the Centre of Rønne. If you do not want to follow the pathways to Rønne, you can lend a bicycle at the Fredensborg Sea Side Hotel or take the city bus to the Market at the city square. The stop is near the Hotel and in this way you can easily reach the wide net of bus routes. If you have not brought a car, the Fredensborg Badehotel is a perfect place to spend your holidays.

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