The “secret” wine cellar under the hotel

The secret wine cellar 
Are you launching a new product? 
Would you like to host a kick-off-event for your employees? 
Do you want to indulge your clients with something special? 
Or maybe something else entirely?

Fredensborg Badehotel is the perfect setting for your event. The location, the décor, and the food – all of the highest quality, to match an exclusive event. For example, you could bring along your best clients to our “secret” wine cellar far beneath the hotel. Here you will find an abundance of fine and rare wines. Get comfortable in your seats at the table in the wine cellar. Enjoy the delicious food, while your waiter pours the rare wines in your glasses. This will be an experience that your clients will remember for years to come.

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There is a wealth of possibilities. We design your event exactly according to your wishes, and we have a wide network of partners from all over Bornholm, with whom we might collaborate to create the x-factor, ensuring that your clients/employees have a unique experience. 

Call us on (+45) 56 95 19 13 or send an email to our Event Manager Cathrine Ingildsen at, and she will help you create the perfect event.

Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen.
Eventmanager Cathrine Ingildsen.
0045 56 95 19 13